Nylon Indonesia June 2012

Last month, i was featured in Nylon Indonesia and here is the full article for you guys.

here's the English translation:

Can you tell us more about yourself?
I'm an 18 year old girl who accidentally becomes a student and fall in love with a lot of thing I've captured. I spend my days by walking around in my town, taking pictures, eating ice cream, going to flea market, currently working on my book and a little bit of college stuff.

What makes you interested in photography?
At the earlier years, I was just interested to document my own life, what i felt, my friends and everything around me. But, lately it has been a media to make my imagination comes true. 

What's the story behind these pictures?
I took pictures of Kenjeran, the beach which has a gorgeous sunrise view and a big park, along side the beach, with the horses too. Also, pictures of Blauran, a small amusement park, Kebun Bibit with the deers, c2o Library and also Zangrandi Ice Cream.

Who are your favorite photographers?
Tim Walker, Juergen Teller, Larry Clark, also Corrine Day and Sophia Coppola for their pictures in The Virgin Suicide's photo book.

Your favorite place, so far?
Madura! There are forest,  small limestone mountains and the sea along side its path, which would be such a magic moment if you see it from the mountains area.

What makes you fall in love at the first time you come into a place?
The people and the sky! I would definetely fall in love with an ecstatically wondrous sky view in a place.

What's the signature of your pictures?
I think somehow I keep on changing in this four years of photography But, what mostly pop out in my pictures are a glimpse of sun ray, over exposure and flowers!

Next project?
I'm currently doing a photo book with poems and short prose. Of course, there are still many photo shoots I want to do. 

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