a short trip to Jakarta

Last week, i had a trip to Jakarta which was counted as part of the job and holiday at the same time. I met some new people there, went to new places, bought new books which won't be sold here (Lula Magazine, Inzanesville, Boys of My Youth, etc.) and had some good mood (as an additional). Also I did a little self - project with Sari Ahimsa Prameswari, went to i-don't-know-where-the-hell-those-places-were with Agam and his friend, Sahal, stayed in Nyon's house for a couple of days, went to RuRu, hang out with Sari Ahimsa that I've been missed for ages, and finally met Enat/Enad?, a matchstick stucks in a human form. Everything was purrfect (since I've met so many cats there), jolly, and technicolor. It was a bomb! Thank you, everyone I've met there! :)

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