China Blue

A cat from Zhongguo escaped herself to the ocean, but alas... cats can't swim for too long.


She was once a jovial cat, with her joyful smile and laughter filled up Zhongguo in the toppest happiness.

Until one day, The Golden Tiger ruined everything in her life. Her sunny days turned to gray, her eyes sparked nothing but sad sight.

She decided to swim away to The Ocean, where she would be friends with mermaids and seaponies. She was swimming from the shore until she saw a city below her. A city of ethereal streets made of coral with sea flowers around 'em. Then, she swam deeper than ever and everything was bluer forever.

But after all, she was only a cat and cats can't swim for too long. Her excitement brought her to go deeper without realizing that the deeper she would swam, the harder she would breath.

So, she fell deep below the sea.

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  1. yo girl, those pics are SICK! lol
    i want to be your talent right away


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