good riddance (100 moments of my 2011)

2011 is on the edge and I'm thankful for every little thing that has happened this year. I've met new people under different horizon and taste a lot of new experiences that burst in my tounge like ecstasy. So, these are the 100 pictures of every sweet, tender, harsh, fun and esoteric moments in my 2011. Actually, I've chosed 'em from thousand pictures that settled down as digital pieces in my laptop (no kidding). I don't publish 'em all, because there are few things that I want to keep for myself. Thank you everyone for every color burst that you had splashed to me this year. Can't wait to spread another bursting color again next year :D

my friend and I made a surprise cake for Ipe.

got a chance to break into a swimming pool! hahaha!

vincent and mario in one afternoon, after class

a silly interview from Bagus

this was my class' final performance for art class. it was an idyllic idea to make the guys cheerleading!

behind the scene of "Smoking Flower", my first photo series. this was taken in March. 

wiky and kemplo had a "so-called-whatever breakfast", before the exhibition started.

our last picture before we decided to jump to the ocean (taken in April)

had a childhood reminiscent with Sari! 

yeah.. random stuffs from school. (can't believe it's over)

we called this one "meraih kesempatan." taken at Gautama's house, an hour before the national exam.

the day when me and my friend graduated from high school :). (taken in May)

the grrls of my childhood, Ipe and Intan (taken in May)

Sari, Amel, Glendot. I've never found this kind of grrls before :)

behind the scene of "Sunshine Girl".

took a picture of Maria after having a full day with her!

had one of the best times with my childhood friends! it was a marveleous night!

a trip to Bali with the guys.

haha.. it was like. "Prinka, get ready?". "Okay"... and "FUCK.. who took my pants off!" :))

haha.. yeah, somebody took Reno's pants when he was swimming :)).

random silly stuff.

one of the best times and spent it by sitting on the edge of the cliff .

Yulianto >>> Binatang Berprestasi.

(un) wasted time with childhood friends, it was like a "last" party for Danang who would gone to Bandung to finish his study.

ahaha.. one of the best times and spent it with Sari by smoking in the oldest church in town!

saying "See you and we're gonna miss you a lot" to Rima :)

behind the scene of "Around Me (You So Quite New)".

spent a tender dusk with Sari at the dock.

met some new people in Malang, especially Diedra Cavina. .Check out her blog, she's splendid! > >>http://dcivn.blogspot.com/

playing fireworks with Sari, Glendot, Amel and Randak.

laughed at the videos of our high school moment (i think it was taken in August).

spent some times with Atthur and Novan before dusk. They are the people who have golden charisma lay inside their heart. 

behind the scene of "The Young Ones" with Vina and Vera.

Bagong and MatVykar got busy with their own internet connection.

Bagong aslept at the Library.

a day with Vina, Vera and Ipe. what a total riot!

I don't remember the date, but it was a sunny Wednesday in October. It was the first time we met after separated in six months. It was a beautiful and delightful moment :).

Ichak came to Surabaya and spent the time by street-photography-ing around the downtown. The picture was Gugun, who tried to save his film under Ichak's bag. Haha.. and Ichak teased him by doing some pole dancing :)).

fell aslept. I think Gugun might take this picture. all i remember is it was Sunday morning in October, and taken at Bagong's house in Malang.

a preparation before a gig (Malang). met some new people like komang, hilmi and emil (the ones who didn't get busy with laptop)!

Novan and Vina!  (hihi..)

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