When Morning Comes to My Bed

Good good good morning! It's been awhile since I wrote the last post. I have nothing interesting to post now, I just want to write down my morning here. I'm having my nice cup of black coffee and peanut butter sandwich in bed! Pressing coffee, spreading peanut butter to my bread, sipping the smell of boiling water... aaah, I couldn't ask for more solemness. I'm currently having a short holiday after mid-term test and here I am, enjoying morning by having breakfast, listening to really nice playlist and writing here. Last month has been a bad one for me and I know I haven't made any photo essay since October last year, but now, I'm running on my new project. I don't have any ideas galore or so, but I have target project and some ideas I'd love to write. I have my mood back for everything, yiha! So, see you soon, here's a song I've been playing this morning, hope you enjoy it!

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