Sweet Sweet Candy

a mini shoot i did with Zara Zahrina (check out her blog, she's one of the sweetest candy!). this photo shoot was actually brought a big hope to win a Katy Perry's Concert Ticket. and a couple days ago, she rang me and screamed that she won the ticket! congratulation, Zara!


Requiem for The Lost Souls

They are made of tarot cards you can't never be able to read. 
They are made of untyped mantras that zugzwangly linger inside your veins. 
They are made of seconds that can't never be touch by time.
They are made of tender whispers when the aurora appears from the north,
but sadly your head always full of riot noise when they come.
So don't make atlantis inside your eyes,
because tomorrow they'll come to sing you a requiem.


happy burstday, menk!

a birthday present from me and sarah! her birthday is actually in january 14. but, i had an internet issue a couple days ago. so sorry... we're longing to see sari so much. she's in jakarta and the distance between us is more than just 30cm length of ruler. we wish you a better meaningful year, menk!

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