Girl With The Most Cake

"you should learn when to go, you should learn how to say no!!!"

Happy whimsical birthday, Courtney! I'm sending you my whole lotta love from Indonesia and hailing with my huge devotion feeling to you. I support you, Courtney. I know many people loathe you and think you're just another sensational whore who doesn't have much love inside. But, no... I think you're a girl with soft lacy heart made of velveteen. Remember this, right? "And I wait, praying to the Northern Star. I'm afraid it won't lead you anywhere. He's so cold, raining on the world tonight. All the angels kneeling to the northern lights" . I could not imagine how your sadness boomed to the sky, yet no one could not realize it. Your every fragile word utters a heartbreaking tune and makes me melt inside, knowing you speak my mind. Your every angry word screams a deep girl angst from a sensitive hearted one. Your songs had helped me through a lot of sorrow. You helped me cry when I felt like I had no more tears left, you helped me scream when I felt like no one understood me. Grrl, you feel me. I love you. Please, keep strong, keep sobber, keep beautiful... for yourself and for Frances.

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