Sometimes, all we need is someone to talk to.
A companion who will listen patiently to your rants.
A person who will not judge your sins.
or.. judge, but not in "that" way.
When you have that person, you don't care wherever the place to share stories;
Could be in a room full of people partying or showing off their beauty,
could be in a empty bus stop in the middle of the night,
could be in a love hotel room with smells of previous' ejaculation,
could be in your messy room with underwear, papers, and socks all over the place,
could be anywhere you have to spill your soul out.
Smoke the pain away,
Drink that scars and feel the pain.
They'll hug you. Fucking hug you. Fucking hug you like a fucking baby need a fucking hug.
Don't worry.
Sometimes, all we need is, "everything's gonna be okay."
Though we know that it's not going to be okay,
but when somebody else has a faith in our life,
we do have a little hope sparks within us.
We do understand that everything will be fine,
We do understand that we do not have to worry about the future and the past.
We do understand it in our head.
We fucking understand.
But, we just need someone to whisper those buried lullabies to our ears.
We're just babies, crying our way to sleep.


To Whom It May Concern

It's been a long time since the last time I talked to you. After all this time, I thought I knew you, but I don't. I'm sure time's changing and everybody's changing. But you're not the person I used to know. You grow into someone who isolates herself into a heart full of ink. If loneliness were a competition, you'll be the last to survive. But, I see that you've been smiling more somehow, although only to whom you think are worth to share a smile with. Back then, you used to care on what people said. You used to want to be them. You used to want to know them. You used to be hurt. Now, you don't even know how much pain you should take to be painful. You grow apart, you grow something in your heart; a demon, 

a beautiful demon you've been trying to hide from everyone.

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