I found you on a Thursday in the kiss between the shower.
I found you on a Sunday in the toilet of a small gig.
You've just come home from your weekend runaway.
I thought you wouldn't come.
But, we met on my way to the toilet.
I found something had lost from me in between the kiss in the toilet
which door could never be locked.
The kind of kiss I wouldn't want to finish.
Like the other one in our first rooftop session.
That night,
the night sky was painted by the bridge's light.
The strait reflected the sleepless city.
I wish you knew that it was the kind of "I finally found myself" kiss.
It was cheesy though, but I mean it.
Unlike the first kiss I had in high school
Or the lustful kisses with random guys I met before in the other cities.
I wish you know that you're not "some kind of lover".
I wish you know that I'll always love every second I spend with you.
I wish you know that I'll always enjoy the night we spend together.
Going to the movies, ranting childhood stories, and worrying our future.
And I wish you know that I'll surely love our nights, someday in the future we're worrying now.

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