I fancied you'd return the way you said

A little girl lost her lover and she wandered into the woods, uttering spells from her mantra book and blowing yearning kisses. She swore to the universe that she would find her lover. 

Then, time rolls, and now, she's a woman who is still looking for her long gone lover. She's been wandering in this jeopardy universe, only to find the love she once embraced. 

Today, in this autumn, between the dancing wind, she stared at the girl whose skin white as a porcelain, eyes pale as winter. A jewelry clings on her wrist, and she eventually realizes this girl. Tis her long gone lover.... standing in a dead body with arms open, as if she's been waiting for so long. "you are the kind of girl i thought of back when i had reasons to wish".... (credit to Zara Zahrina for the quote of her poem)

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