I met her in 2011. We were just graduated from high school. It was in August. I came to Malang at 6 p.m. The crowd outside the train station was packed. Relatives, beggars, asongan, and tukang becak. Then, I saw a bowl head. There she was. Looking tiny and adorable outside the gate, waving her fat fingered hands. She picked me up with her grandpa's old car and we went downtown to a small coffee shop. She was so cute. She had this bowl hair cut. Other girls would look really edgy and somehow look like someone who plays in a band, but she looked like an egg, a hard - boiled egg, and that's a compliment (because I had that murakami phase). And that's better. So adorable. She didn't seem so strange. She touched the book I put on the table. "Is this yours?". "No. I borrowed from a library.". The book was Catcher in The Rye. The classic cover. The red one. Sounds phony, but yeah, I read it a couple times when I was 15 until 17. There was a sign that someone would actually read it. There was a sign that someone would be my buddy. There was a sign that someone would not let me sleep at 5 in the morning, until she finished her story. That was the first time I met her.

Now, it's been four years. She still has that hair cut and now, a double chin. She's still dominates a conversation. (but that's fine, because I don't mind being dominated. hehe). The last photo is her bike. It's red. It reminds me of Taylor Swift.

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