The Universe

I always think we’re all made of stardust. Out of the enormous stars that exploded billion years ago. That the atoms made every little piece of us. Isn’t it beautiful that something inside us is all glittery and sparkling under the moon light? (Well, this might be a corny idea). And when you take a look deeper into someone’s eyes, you can see the constellation of mind that they keep inside them, sparkling and fiery. And when you look around at the people, you know that they carry their own universe within them. Imagine how they can walk lightly as if they don’t have this universe pregnancy or whatever. So, if there are billions of people in this earth now, imagine how many universe (or shall we call it as multiverse) that grow among us? It grows inside you as whatever you want it to be, whether you want it to glow like firework and burst upon the sky, or glow dimly in the corner of a room. There’s nothing wrong in whatever you choose. Because you are your own star. You light up your own universe. You live within yourself.


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