SOFT - A Warm Romanticism in Coldwave Room

I'm sorry I haven't made any photo story for the past four months, I'm having some projects and I'm just not in the mood of making one. But, here's one project that I've done! A Malaysian shoegaze band asked me to do their cover album. They want a picture of girl smoking in such a dreamy way with a hint of pink burst. I'm so honoured to do this! Go check out their music on bandcamp !

Here are the photos!

and here are the original and unpublished photos I took. The girl on the picture is Diani, a good friend of mine and she did a good job by looking flawless there.

2 komentar:

  1. Oh ini ternyata foto dari Prinka! Pantas familiar. Saya punya cdnya lho ♡・ω・♡

    1. wah punya cd nya! >,< , anyway, good luck for aggi!


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