an affair on my tounge

Recently things got much more hectic than usual. I need to find a pause button beneath this jeopardy world of job and college. I feel like I need to make a photo story again, but I still haven’t found a time to resemble all the pieces together. A friend of mine asked me to join an exhibition. After a long time of thinking various concepts, I finally stick with one concept that I think I will be able to do between the activity I have to do everyday. Anyway, it’s been awhile since I write something here. It’s almost one in the morning and I’m rebuilding my past relationship with black coffee again. It’s nice to stay awake, noticing the tiny peaceful rain drops on my roof top, strolling over some new pictures from recent film, and wondering if maybe, just maybe, someone out there is doing the same thing. I know, there are a lot of nocturnal people or maybe just some people who just can’t sleep earlier. But, what I mean here is people who is taking a deep sigh, and just having a peaceful mind around this time. And yeah, let me tell you how much love I put inside a cup of black coffee. I love black coffee with less sugar or sometimes no sugar at all. It feels serene. The thick dark aroma blends with all these pure feeling you get after a hell day. I feel like I just want to cuddle with this serene affair in my tounge and keep the warmth in my hands, letting my skin absorb it into my soul. But sometimes I can hardly choose between black coffee or black/green tea (especially earl grey). Each of them has different before taste, during taste and after taste that I just can’t choose which one is my eternal love. I love black tea and its almighty lightness and delicate mood. While, coffee, yes, as what I said before (you can read it again right?). Maybe it is not an affair. Maybe I just need one for each situation and mood. Maybe it's because everything in this world has two sides. Maybe it's because I need a harmony, something yin and something yang. Or maybe, above all reasons, maybe because I'm basically a greedy random human being. Well, I say no sorry for this case. I love both.

*Enough with my babblings, here I post some pictures from my recent 120 film and a song for you to spend your dawn with 

ps: i have a polyvore account where I put stuffs I can't yet afford.

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