A Tender Whisper

i went to a small park and got a photo shoot with the angel, Ipe. actually, this is my second shoot, because my film was lost along with the camera, right after the first shoot. i almost gave up on that point, but i decided that i have to keep taking pictures with my still left zenit. it was not like i abandoned my zenit and chosed nikon, but it was because i wanted to use my 35mm nikkor lens, because there was a superb enormous three and 35mm lens was the only choice. i actually could take the picture without that lens, but it would endanger myself as there was a small valley if i stepped back more. and i did not want to die. but, alas, i lost it in @!#$@#$@$% situation. i was crying silently when i lost it. i felt so unresponsible and stupid. i almost hurted myself for that. so, two days later, i decided to stay alive magically and build my whimsical world with another camera. then i picked zenit, among some others, because i love the tender tone and its legendary sweet swirly bokeh. and here it goes... my effort to stay alive magically. a photo shoot.

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  1. these pictures are absolutely breath-taking, prinka! i love them all :) number four and eleven are my favourite ones <3



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