Pure Happiness

On Saturday, 17th March, i met two sweet little girls, whose name are Tessalonika (the left one)and Keiza (the right one). They were playing in all their glory at canteen, so i came over and took some pictures of them. They tried to chase each other and laughed about esoteric stuffs that only them who knew. Their gleaming eyes spoke sentences i once had found in my childhood. Their giggles reminded me about how purely happy i was in my tiny feet. My mind strucked by a sudden question, coming from Keiza's tiny lips, "Why do you keep taking pictures of us?". "Because i just love to do it and i love your joy!", i replied spontaneously. "Are you a photographer? Like the one who takes picture for the newspaper?", Tessalonika uttered another question. "No. I take pictures for myself and anyone who wants to enjoy 'em or even cry about 'em.". Then, we had an adequate conversation to spend the rest of lunch time. But the topics spreaded along the universe like stars and planets. We talked about Keiza's new born cousin, Tessa's hatred to her music teacher at school, facebook (god.. they're only eight and they already have facebook!!!), homeworks, difficulty in mathematic, my camera, my passion in taking pictures and the enormous hot weather in my town. Our conversation went to the edge when they had to go home, because Keiza had to visit her new born cousin and Tessalonika had to go home for good girl reason. While, me myself, i had to get back to my teenage life and would keep that pure happiness immortally in my blood.

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