took this pic a month ago for my photography class at college's community. this is the only pic that i like best from 26 pics of lousy photo session. i mean.. i hate to capture girls in the way of dt class (engh.. y'know who i mean). actually the model was swell. but i hate the way the tutor gave a skank image to her). i don't know if it was me that became such a hater in every mainstream and popular stuffs or it was just a foolish photo session. blaaah... i also won't tell you a lot of good news, cuz i think i don't have that much goodness recently.  but yeah, i think my life's going splendour now. i have a nice freelance job as a photographer, though sometimes i'm tired because it consumes my whole weekend, that supposed to be a relaxing time. i have an inamorata who always makes me feel happy with little thing that he does. hmmm... i think that's all, i've told you, i don't have so much things to be told. and also, i'll post my newest picture of myself in my new hair-colour (yes, it's not black anymore!). see ya, kiddo! don't forget to catch the flares under the armpit of the sun!

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