Chasing Lights

If there is a time where I want to put on my favorite shelf, I'll pick one where we go adventuring through the city buildings, running on their stairs up to the highest storey. Doing hide and seek with the security and even caught by them are the obstacles we see as adrenaline booster. But, those city lights pouring on the streets are the entertainment we look for and the twinkling silver stars upon the dark night sky are the treasure we found last night. They're such jewels among the artificial lights that human made. Did you realize the red fireworks that burst into the sky as we touched each other's lips with poetry written by our tounges? I remember the sound they made when I closed my eyes. It wasn't loud, but its echoes pounded my heart. If it was the moment I could keep in my film roll, then let it be. Let it be. Then, when we're done with the silent poetry on our lips, I saw that light, that calm flickering light, resting in your dilated pupils. Was that the light I've been looking for? Was that the light I finally chase?

Under the meteor rain of Aquarids on the last day of its periode, I was questioning the warm feeling that flickered into my soul.

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