A Waiting and A Phone Call

“It’s been more than two months...”
“I know, how many days left?”
“Jeez... don’t count.” [ I heard a soft voice that ends with a patient sigh– maybe,or is it just me?]

A couple days ago I went to the nearest small coffee take away near campus. I don’t really like coffee honestly, but I thought it was going to be such treat after a phonology lecture. The first minute I came there,  I was fine. The second minute I was there, I was waiting for a coffee. The third minute I was there, I still had to wait. The fourth minute I was there, I started to feel bored,  I moved my eyes to every corner of the small room.  The room was a bit dark. It was cloudy outside and they didn’t turn the lamp on. It was 11.20 in the morning, but it was so dark. They played pop music. Lame pop music in the top 40. The fifth minute I was there, I felt even more bored. I scanned the room again. There were only two tables there. The first table was on the right side from the enter door, the second one is on the left side. They were made of wood. I saw two pairs of legs swinging softly and some giggles coming from the owner of those pairs of legs. Oh, a girlfriend and her boyfriend. The sixth minute I was there, I had to wait more, and I started to feel a feeling that I feel familiar with. The seven minute I was there, I realize I envy them and I wish I could sit on the other table. With you. It was a small table, with two small round chairs. It has a fine range which won’t be too close or too far to talk to you or to watch you stir the teaspoon. We have never been drinking coffee together, none of us love coffee as much as we love to sit on the bed and watch the TV together. But, losing calcium through coffee with you would be equal with having a cuddle. The eight minute I was there, the music is getting even more lame. I wished they didn’t play lame pop music. I wished they played About You from Jesus and Mary Chain. It reminded me of you, of us. The ninth minute I was there, the waiter called my name and passed me a cup of black coffee, plus a bit creamer but with no sugar. Then, at the same time as I was going to open up the door and left that place, I wish you were there.   

“It’s been more than two months...”
 “I know, how many days left?”
“Jeez... don’t count it.” [ I heard a soft voice that ends with a patient sigh – maybe, or is it just me?]
“Hey, I was just wandering. How was your day?”
“Been working since morning. I haven’t  got breakfast yet. Yours?”
“Go get some then. Well, me... typical. I had a lecture today and had breakfast at the cafeteria and I went home. “
“That’s all? Hey, you will be teaching at 5, won’t you? 


ps: i can't wait to see you, sooner or even later :) . click it.

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