Pagi, Plinses.

This post  is not talking about photography or my daily life in the form of pixels.  To tell you the truth, kids, I actually have made three videos under the title "Pagi, Plinses" and I have made three episodes. The basic idea are just being kinky and exaggerating. They are my physical form out of my deepest  solemn darkness. Kids, I'M SERIOUS. The videos are consisted of me being such a really cute drama queen and i believe Lindsay Lohan would be proud of me if she saw the videos. The title came out of any planning. When i uploaded the first video, it was 11.30 in the morning and I wear a plastic and tacky  crown in the video, so I decided to name it as "Pagi, Plinses".  You better watch 'em, cuz they're all about crowns, bindi (you know, the jidatwear) and nothing would be hurt!

*Anyway, these are some pictures from "Pagi, Plinses episode 3"

*And these are the links to every episodes of my whimsical life.
Pagi, Plinses (Episode 1)
Pagi, Plinses (Episode 2)
Pagi, Plinses (Episode 3)

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