wow.. it's already november. it means... 16 more days to my birthday. well, i don't have any special wish. i mean... i just hope everything's gonna be fine. everything that happened in October has surprised me in the most exquisite way. it's a surprise to have him back. i didn't expect anything at that time, he just suddenly appeared again in my life. when i first met him that day (after we broke up and didn't get to see each other for months), he looked like a stray puppy. he was lost in his unconsciousness. and i felt kinda shy and didn't know what to say at that time. but it was a good day after all, because we finally could share some stories again. and now.. we've been getting along together for three weeks and it feels really poshy to have a person that will take care of you and you will take care of him too and bla bla bla... like most lovers do. although i still feel startled sometimes..but yeah, this is a so called true happiness :)

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