Cotswolds: It's not that shogaze

Hi, hailing from my messy bedroom with a cup of cinnamon and clove bathing in warm water. Having this jolly mood makes me want to write something in this blog again. But I’m not going to write about my days and how I spend my time daydreaming all day long. So, here we go, I’m introducing you to my homies’ new band. Cotswolds. Every time I listen to their music, it’s like entering a jeremiad of gloomy youth. It’s jagged, reckless, and odious. There is something like “We’re going to make a post rock band, but we have no idea what we are actually doing and it seems like we can work this sound though it’s not post rock or whatever people want to say and it seems cool too.” . Uh huh. The shoegazy feeling from the hazy vocal that blanketing their music is like a soft packaging to a jeopardy soul within.  The beats of the drum, the suspicious bass and the teary guitar’s sound take part of stabbing people’s mind. Dig it! >>> click here

*These are some pictures from their first show last week.

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  1. amazing photos <3
    give me time to hang out with you :3


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